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I want a lot of things or at least I think I do. Oftentimes these things are materialistic. It is much more comfortable to want something materialistic because it is relatively easy to obtain. And as soon as I have the thing I so desperately wanted (slight exageration, I´m no shopping addict), it turns out it´s actually worthless. This is the reason why I have stopped doing certain things. For example obtaining another degree just for the sake of it when in reality it is just a worthless piece of paper nobody looks at. Or clothes shopping which results in tons of textile in your cupboard waiting to be worn when actually you wear the same ten pieces all the time. Sadly, our western society tells us that we have to possess, even though there is nothing to possess.

"I have come to this world with nothing and I will leave it with nothing." - Mahima Klinge

I find this realization very powerful. The moment I fully understood its meaning I felt very light, connected and free. It has changed my view on life and it has taken pressure from me that I have imposed on myself. Clothes, bikes, cars, houses, jewelery, electronic devices - what for? To show everyone you made it? Don´t get me wrong, I don´t think these things are bad and I would have nothing against a fancy house next to the lake. I know I will have it one day. But I think you have to get there for the right reasons. No such material thing can create true joy and long-lasting happiness in your life. Don´t get there because it makes you seem cool or rich or whatever. A lot of people apparently have the dream life according to their social media accounts. Lots of things are fake and who defines "rich" anyway?

There´s many kinds richness manifests itself other than money and status. You can be rich of love, empathy, joy, freedom or peace. - my shit ;-D

These are gifts life offers for free. Don´t miss out on them chasing meaningless stuff. There is a lot to envy out there if you compare yourself to others. And it´s toxic. No matter how hard you try to imitate somebody you will always fail. You are you and no matter what you do, you will never be like someone else. Why would you want that anyway? You are unique and will always be. So be proud of yourself for who you are and what you have achieved. Others may be further, others may be better, so what! It is your life and it is your timeline. Isn´t it wonderful to know that there is no one like you? Once understood, I started to see myself with different eyes. I started to appreaciate myself for who I am and I stopped hiding behind my mask, stopped pretending to be someone else. I started to love myself profoundly. I wish you can do the same.

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